7591A/7591 NOS USA Power Tube Matched Pair, RCA, Sylvania

7591A RCA

 Matched pair of New Old Stock 7591A /7591 power tubes. Various brands, contact us for availability.

One pair per customer please.

Matched for mutual transconductance on Hickok 6000A tube tester.

Tested in1965 Ampeg Gemini I. 

7591 vs/ 7591A?  As far as your old Ampeg goes it makes no difference but the "A" meant it was supposed to handle a few more volts (450vdc on the plates). Use either version with confidence.

All current pairs we have are the 7591A. 

Most Ampeg are cathode biased so jut plug and play on these.

The exceptions are the Gemini II, Gemini IV so check your bias before using.

$ 169.99

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