40x3/600v Insulated

 New 40ufxx40ufx40uf@600v three section twist lock multicap,  with can insulator.  Made to our specifications.

Due to ever increasing line voltages of today's electric grid, vintage amps like theB18N are seeing their secondary voltages for the both the plate  and grid supplies exceed the voltage ratings of current production caps. Also when amps are first turned on there tends to be a spike  sometimes upwards of 100v.  Our new cap will stabilize the power supply without any tone changes. Great for any amp with a 40x40x40@450-525v cap. This includes  the v4/VV4B/VT22/V2/VT40.  Although  Portaflex amps generally used the un-insulated caps the insulated caps can be used for the  B15N, SB12, B12XT etc.  We will be using these in all our cap kits. Protect your vintage Ampeg for the future.

$ 42.00

Quantity :

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