6SL7/6188/6SU7 NOS USA Preamp Tube

6188/6SL7/6SU7 TUNGSOL

We have sold many of the JAN (Joint Army Navy) Philips 6188 (6sL7) tubes over the years with great scuces in Ampegs like the B15N.  we now have a very few of these New Old Stock USA JAN Tungsol 6188/6SU7 tubes. We found these to also be a great tube for the 6SL7 in vintage Ampegs.

What is the difference between a 6SU7 and 6SL7? Technically not much.  HiFi and Audiophile guys have been using these for years and most believe that the 6SU7 is just a hand selected  6SL7.

$ 65.00

Quantity :

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