Ampeg B15S Head / Chassis, Needs Repair or For Parts


Vintage Ampeg B15S head / chassis in need of repair or for parts

What we know:   The ouput transformer was bad.  A replacement OT was installed.

This new OT, while not a copy of the origial (very expesnive), is very close and has been used with good success in the past.

A goodly portion of the bypass caps were changed ( see pics).

Filter caps have been replaced.  Main issue is the amp  has distorted output..

The PC board has  had some repairs as well.  

All controls work, amp plays.

Power tube sockets, and hum balance control were replaced.

Comes with bag of old parts and set or used preamp tubes, no power tubes.

This may end up just a parts amp but if you are game to try you may figure it  out and get it back on the road.

Price is below what we would get if we sold it off as parts but  wantedt to keep in intact for anyody who wants the challenge.

Sold "as is", , no guaranttees on any part.  No power tubes included.

The buyer will get a one time use 10% coupon code to help with  any parts they may need.

Ask all question before buying.




$ 350.00

Quantity :

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