Vintage Ampeg B25 Blue Line Amplifier, Refurbished


Refurbished Ampeg B25 amp head.   Earlier 'Blue Line" model.

New filter capacitors, three prong grounded power cord.

Has new 7027A JJ power tubes and 5AR4 rectifier tue along with 12AX7 BUGLE BOY, 12AX7 JJ AND RCA7199   in the preamp.

We've replaced the chassis supports with our upgraded version ( the old ones disintegrate) along with four new sock mounts.

Sound is nice and warm.   The B25 was usually paired with a 2x15 cab for bass but it was meant as a universal amplifier as one channel is meant for guitar and the other for bass. 

Cosmetics:   Faceplate is worn but can still tell what's what.    The head box vinyl has some white spots on it and

paint on the bottom.   

This unit has the original 4 pin speaker connector cable but will be come with the 4 pnn to 1/4" adapter so it  can be used with any speaker cabinet.

For cover options see link below.

120v AC operational voltage.

30 day Warranty for  parts and labor.

$ 595.00

Quantity :

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