Ampeg 60's Style Grill Cloth by the Ft.

60's Style Cloth

Ampeg 60's style cloth. Used on early 60's amps until 1967. Used on reissue Blue Diamond series amps. Sold  by the ft. X  36" wide.  


How much cloth do I need?



1 Foot    

 Any head grills. 

2 Feet    

 Most combo amps:

B15N, B12N, B18N, B12XT, Reverberockets,

Gemni, Any 1x12, 2x12, 2x10, 1x15, 1x18 cabs.

3 Feet

Medium sized speaeker cabs:  4x12, 4x10 (not hlf)

4 Feet 

Large cabs: 610,810, 2x15 


 Not sure of the size? Give us a call. Not comfortable putting the cloth on? Hint: take your baffle to your local upholstery shop. They will usually put it on for you at a nominal fee. Just make sure they know which side goes up etc. Or send it to us and we will put it on for you at a reasonable cost.

Shipping notes:  Cloth and vinyl are best shipped in a tube to avoid wrinkling and will not fit in a flat rate box of any size. Please choose a standard shippping method to avoid any delays.




$ 15.00

Quantity :

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