Combo Cabinet for your V2, V3,VT40 and B25 Chassis

V2/VT40/B25/V3 2X10 Combo
1 to 1$ 425.00
2+$ 355.00

Ever wish Ampeg had made a higher power 2x10 combo back in the day? We did, so here's a 2x10 combo cabinet that will fit most V2, V3, B25 and later vT40 chassis. Just slide your chassis in, plug in the speakers and your ready to go. 


  • All cabinet grade birch plywood construction
  • 70' +As close as possible" vinyl,  blue/silver cloth 
  • Era correct hardware package
  • Your choice: 1x12, 2x10 or 1x15 speaker configuration
  • Your choice: open or closed back design

Cart/wheels, logos sold separately. See menus below.

You can re-use your original chassis supports, shockmounts and back panel or if you do not have these they can be added below.

Open or Closed back design? Open back will allow more of he sound to escape the cab and tend to give a brighter tone and "looser" vibe, closed back will give a tighter sound and will work best for bass.


Speaker Recommendations




For guitar/bass; Eminence Big Ben 

For bass: Jensen MOD15-120


Eminence Legend 1058

Jensen MOD 10-50


Jensen 1258

Eminence Jet Electric Lighting


Note on our speaker recommendations and cab  load (cabinet ohmage):The B25/B25B usually likes to see 16 ohms for it's main speaker out. You can get around this by using a dummy plug in the ext. speaker jack. This will switch it to 8 ohms. This allow you to use many more speaker combinations as suggested above. Most of the Jensen speakers are available in 16 ohms loads. The V2/VT40 can accept 2/, 4 or 8 ohm loads.

We do custom builds too so give us a call. PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

Starting price is for unloaded ccb (no speakers).

Add Shockmounts :
Speaker Configuration :
Combo Speaker :
Add Chassis Supports :
Cart :
Amp Model :
Add B. Pan and Screws :
Quantity :

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