Ampeg B15N/B12N Complete Power Supply Rebuild Kit

Save $15.35. Power supply rebuild kit for Ampeg  B15N, NF, B12N (1962-1980) amps with fixed bias. Does your vintage B15 have a blown or non stock power transformer? This kit will bring it back to stock.

Kit Includes:

  • 1pc. PT108 120v USA or 240v (add 12.50) power transformer
  • capacitor kit for b15 (1pc 40x3/525v, 1pc 33/600v, cap mount ring, cap mount bolts,bias supply cap chosen from the menu below)
  • 1pc. JJ 5AR4, 5U4GB or Solid State rectifier
  • 1k/10w power resistor.

For 230v operation select 115v/230v from the menu below. All transformers made in USA.

Rectifier Choice:

5AR4: Used on most amp models including B15N/B12N and B15NF, fixed bias (100/100 bias cap)

5u4GB: Used on models B15N/B12N cathode biased early models, (50/50 bias cap) thermistor sold separately.

Solid State: Used on models B15NB cathode bias with thermistor. If you choose this kit it wil include 4 diodes and the thermistor. (50/50 bias cap)

NOTE: Starting price is for kit with solid state rectifier. Kits with tube retifiers will add additional cost.

$ 299.00

Bias Cap :
Operating Voltage :
Rectifier Type :
Quantity :

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