Cap Kit for Ampeg B15N, B18N, SB12 (v.2), "X" SeriesAmps

Most common electrolytic power supply recap kit for your vintage B15N, B18Nn,B12XT, B15X, B18X and SB12 (v.2.) amps. Improves performance and safety.

Update note:  Due to modern line voltages reaching 125vac, Ampeg grid voltages are exceeding the limits of most available multicaps. To combat this issue we now have made for us a special multicap with a 600vdc rating to cover the grid supply. This is especially true for the B!8N and "X" series amps using 7027A power tubes. This upgrade will maintain tone while stabilizing the power supply. Lastly as voltages in your circuit rise check your bias on fixed bias amps to make sure the current draw is  also compensated for.

Cap kit Includes:

  • 1pc 40xx40x40/525v
  • 1pc 40/600v (30/525v replacement)
  • 1pc 100/100v, 50/50v (cathode biased amps) or 2pc. 10/100 Choose from menu below.
  • 1pc. Cap Mount Ring with bolts.


Generally, 60's to early 70's amps have the 100/100 while mid to later 70's amp used 2pc. 10/100. Some early 60's amps like the B15NA are cathode biased and use a 50/50v cap. Check your amp or schematic to be sure. Caution! If you are not comfortable working on tube amp electronics with high voltage supplies please use a qualified tech to install. Not exactly what your amp needs? Email or call and we can put together a kit for you.



$ 59.00

Bias Cap :
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