Cap Kit forVintage Ampeg SVT with 6146 Tubes

Early version power supply cap kit for your vintage Ampeg SVT with 6146 power tubes.

Cap Kit Contains:

  • 2pc. 70x40X40/450v
  • 2pc cap mounting rings
  • 1pc 3O/600
  • 1pc 100/350v
  • 1pc 220/250v
  • 1pc 40/500v (preamp)
  • 2pc 220k/2w resistor
  • 4pc cap mounting bolts .


Please note: the caps supplied here may not match up exactly to the values shown on your schematic or in your amp. The values we've chosen here are based on the closest approximation to what Ampeg was looking for in its amps. We are confident these will not only maintain your tone and performance but improve it as well. If you are not confident in your electronic abilities, for safety we recommend you have a qualified TECH TO INSTALL THE KIT.

$ 145.00

Quantity :

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