VM1 / VM1A Vibrato Module , GV and "x" Series Amps UPDATED


Newest version mounted on small PCB for more univeral installattion.

VM-1 Vibrato Module for the following vintage Ampeg amplifiers:

  • "x" Series, B12XT, B15X, B18X, B12XY, B15XY, B22X, B42X and others
  • GV Series, G-15V Gemini V, GV22, GV15
For best results it is also recommended replacing the caps in and around  the Vibrato circuit using our rebuild kit offered below:
  • 1pc. 25/25 Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 5pc. .05 (.047/630v) Capacitor
  • 1pc. .001/630v 
  • 1pc. .005 (.0047/630v) Capacitors
  • 1pc. .1/630v Capacitor
NOTE; Depending on the amp and how this unit i s  mounted the new vM1 may exhibit a ticking noise.
Adjusting the location and/or adding electrical shielding may help.
You may also experience variation in the speed and  depth of the Vibrato.
Trying different values of resistors in the circuit can also help with this.
Starting Price for Module Only.

$ 55.00

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