Extremely warm and smooth with a very rich, fat low-end and sparkling highs. It handles overdrive distortion by bringing out colorful detail and holding strong even at maximum crunch.

General Characteristics 
Nominal Overall Diameter  307 mm  12 in 
Nominal Voice Coil Diameter  50 mm  2 in 
Magnet Weight  826 g  29 oz 
Overall Weight  6.90 lbs 
Flux Density  1.00 T 

Thiele-Small Parameters 
Voice Coil DC Resistance  RE  6.30 Ω 
Resonance Frequency  ƒS  95.1 Hz 
Mechanical Q Factor  QMS  11.81
Electrical Q Factor  QES  0.90
Total Q Factor  QTS  0.84
Mechanical Moving Mass  MMS  27.7 g 
Mechanical Compliance  CMS  102 µm/N 
Force Factor  BxL  10.76 Wb/m 
Equivalent Acoustic Volume  VAS  34.4 lt. 
Maximum Linear Displacement  XMAX  +/- 1.0 mm 
Reference Efficiency  nO  3.13 % 
Diaphragm Area  SD  490.8 cm2 
Losses Electrical Resistance  RES  82.7 Ω 
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1kHz  LE  0.59 mH 

Constructive Characteristics 
Magnet  Alnico
Voice Coil Winding  Aluminum
Voice Coil Former  Kapton
Cone  Paper 
Surround  Integrated Paper
Dust Dome  Non Treated Cloth
Basket  Pressed Sheet Steel 

Electrical Characteristics 
Nominal Impedance  16 OHM
Rated Power  100 W 
Musical Power  200 W 
[email protected],1m  98.0 dB

$ 236.25

Quantity :

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