Reverb Tank Type "C", most Vintage Ampegs


Replacement tanks for the original Accutronics made reverb tanks. we have specially requested one of our distributors to make these new tanks for your vintage Ampegs.  Made to be mounted open side up or mounted to the side of a combo box. We think they may sound even better! Two spring like original.

Type "c" for most vintage Ampegs with capacitance driven reverb: Rocket, Reverberocket, Jet,Gemini, B12XT, AC12,                V series:V4/VT22/V2/VT40, Gv5/22 and so many more. . Unlike most tanks offered by competitors, our tank has both input and output jacks grounded. This ensures that our tank will work in your amp with no modifications. Two spring.



$ 31.00

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