Reverb Tank Type "F", Some Ampegs, Fender


Type "f" 2 spring reverb tank for vintage Ampeg amps with speaker driven reverb: Echo Jet, Echo Twin, B12X, B12XY. For most Fender amps with transfomer driven reverb: Twin rever, Pro Reverb, Deluxe Reverb etc...  4AB3C1B.

NOTE: Some Ampegs  do not have both input and output leads grounded.  The tank will nor work in these situations but it is an easy fix to create the needed ground on these new tanks. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.  All of our current tanks have the added ground just in case.

NOTE 2:  We have run into some occasions where the Type F tank does not work in these amps but  the Type C does. Not sure of the reason for this but be aware if your new tank does not work in your amp that you may need to exchange ti.




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