Ampeg 70's (1967-1980) Style Cloth by the Ft.,, Also VR AV

70's Cloth Blue

70's style blue/silver cloth. Used 1967-1980 and on modern AV  series.

Sold by the foot, 29.5" wide.

How much cloth do I need?

Cab style

Cloth size 

All head grills    


Most small combos:

Gemini, VT40, GV15/22, Jet, Revereberocket, VT22, SB12, B12xT and more


Taller combos and standard 4x10:

B15N, B15S, V4 4X12, SVT410HE(N) and more.


Larger cabinets:

B25 2x15, V2 4x12, SVT810, SVT410HLF, SVT610HLF and more.

NOte on 810: 5ft may be better as it will give more room to pull it tight on installation.




Vintage cloth will appear sometimes more greenish, brown/tan due to dirt, and sun fading. Not sure of the size? Give us a call. Not comfortable putting the cloth on? Hint: take your baffle to your local uphostery shop. They will usually put it on for you at a nominal fee. Just make sure they know whcih side goes up etc. Or send it to us and we will put it on for you at a reasonable cost.

Shipping notes: Cloth and vinyl are best shipped in a tube to avoid wrinkling and will not fit in a flat  rate box of any size. Please choose a standard shippping method to avoid any delays.


$ 20.00

Quantity :

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