Ampeg Blue Diamond Checkerboard Tolex Vinyl

Blue Check
1 to 1$ 49.00
2+$ 45.00


Ampeg blue diamond checkerboard vinyl amp covering. Sold by the yd, 54" inches wide . As used on vintage 60's amps and modern reissue blue diamond series amps. 

This vinyl was made using a pristine piece of 1966 blue diamond check vinyl taken from an Ampeg SB12 amplifier. It was used as a color match.

The backing is black which will help immensely when butting seams.  Thickness is somewhere between  the vintage vinyl (thin)  and the 90's-2000's reproduction vinyl.  To our touch the  embossing is not quite as deep but still looks great.  The sheen is not as high  as the vinyl  form the 90's and 2000's but we find ti more pleasing as it makes it look less like a shower curtain and more like vintage amp vinyl.

Please note that due to age and differing die lots over the years this vinyl many not exactly color match amps from the 1960' s and/or blue diamond series amp from the 90's.  

How much do I need?

1yd: Jet J12 series

2yds: Revererockets R12R, Reverberocket II GS12R, Gemini I G12  Due to the way they cut the vinyl (side- top-side) you will end up with extra vinyl. If you don't care about doing it the way Ampeg had done it originally you can get away with one yard. On earlier Random Flair covered amps (1962) they cut smaller individual pieces for the tops and sides.

2-3 yards: Portaflex amps, B15N, B12N, B12XT, B12XY, B12X, B15X, B18X, SB12 etc.. If you are doing a cart too definitely get  the 3 yards. Also the Echo Twin ET1 and ET2 series.

Still not sure how much you'll need, contact us for help.

We spent a lot of time and resources to make this available again and we hope it will help our customers finally put there amps right.

Shipping notes: Cloth and vinyl are best shipped in a tube to avoid wrinkling and will not fit in a flat rate box of any size. Please choose a standard shipping method to avoid any delays.


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