Corner 3 Prong Small for Vitnage Ampegs New!

Sm 3 Corner
1 to 7$ 3.90
8 to 19$ 3.75
20+$ 3.50

We have located a better match than our previous offering on this corner.

This new corner has the proper shape of the legs and better radius.  They are finished in 

"vintage" chrome style, (shiny but not mirror like).

Small 3 prong replacement corner for vintage and re-issue Ampeg amps: B15, Gemini, Reverberocket etc... Corner nails sold separately. 

Call or email for a quote on larger quantities.


Please note: The radius of these new corners are  much closer than are previous offerings but  you may still find  a small difference on your amp.   We use them on our cabinets and on restoration work with good success.







Quantity :

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