Outtput Transformer OT151A, OT151B for many Ampegs


Output transformer OT151A, Ot151B used on most vintage Ampeg combos using cathode biased 6V6 and 7868 and 7591A power tubes. Has double set of output leads just like the original.

Use for: Jets, Reverberockets, Echo Twins, AC12, Gemini 1 and more.

Aslo replaces the OT149, OT150, and the OT151

Made in the USA to original specs by our friends at Heyboer. CE component certified.

Note: The OT151A and B are identical in electrical specifications.  The only difference we see our the OT151B may use only one of the green output leads (no feedback loop on that amp). Some of these transformers will  have leads coming out top and bottom or from just the bottom. Most do not have metal bells but some do.



$ 95.00

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