Shockmount For Vintage Portaflex B15, B18 OEM USED

Portaflex shockmount



OEM Ampeg Portaflex head shockmount for your vintage B15, B15S, B18, B12XT and so many more. Comes with mounting bolt, nut and washers. Please choose bolt length from the menu below. Short: 60's amps with lipped wooden tray and amps with meta trays i.e. B15s. Long bolt: for late 60's-70's amps with flat wood tray with no lip.

These now feature the bottom washer that prevents "fall through" of the chassis if the shockmount rubber fails. You may still break a shockmount someday but the amp won't fall into the cabinet anymore. Ampeg started using this on some 70's amps, neat trick, always loved how they came up with simple solutions to problems. use. They are a drop in replacement, no modification needed.

Use for all Portaflex models from 1960-1980: B12N, B15N, SB12, B12XT, B12XY, B18N and more.

Note: If you have original shockmounts that do not feature this washer it is not likley you will be able to get them apart to install a one as the nuts were locked in place.

Price is for single shockmount.

$ 35.00

Shockmount Bolt :
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