Grill Baffle for Ampeg B15N Single Baffle Cabinets

b15 v1 grill

All in one,  removabel grill and baffle for 1965-67 single  baflle B15N cabinets.

Featues top grade plywood contstruction with mounting studs.

We use felt under the  cloth to prevent the "ghost" buzzes and grill cloth flapping associated with the original grills.

Choose either 60's style cloth or 70's style blue/silver (some 1967 cabs).

Note: We have seen two versions of this cabinet baffle, one with 8 mounting holes and one with 10. Please specifiy using the menu below.

Please allwo 2 weeks for completion.

$ 75.00

Baffle Mouting Holes B15 :
Grill Color :
Quantity :

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