Grill Baffle for Ampeg Gemini Series and Reverberocket II

G12 Grill

Replacement grill for Ampeg Gemini I (G12) , Gemini II (G15), Gemini IV (GS15R), Gemini V (G-15V) Reverberocket II (GS12R) amps circa 1963-1967.

Featues all plywood constuction, 60's stle cloth or 70's blue/silver cloth for some 1967 models with the falt balck vinyl, and speaker studs.

For best fit, please provide interal cabinet measurements for grill via a quick emai.

Also provide the  number of  screw holes and their location on each side  of the grill i.e. 2 on top 2 on bottom 3 on each side. Or we can make without screw holes for you to drill.

Choose model and  cloth color below.

$ 75.00

Grill Color :
Amp Model :
Quantity :

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