Tube Set for Ampeg G12 Gemini I, G15 Gemini II

Complete tube set for your Ampeg Gemini I (G12) and Gemini II (G15)


  • 7591A JJ or 7868 EH Power Tubes, Matched Pair
  • 12AX7 JJ Preamp Tube, 3 pcs.
  • 6CG7 EH Reverb Driver Tube, 1pc.
  • 7199 NO USA  Phase Inverter Tube, 1pc.

Note: 7868 were on rare occasion subbed in for 7591A in the production line. On the tube chat they were usually written in over the 7591A

All tubes are selected for best overall quality and performance. 

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$ 145.00

Power Tubes :
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