SB12 70'S Style Fliptop Cabinet


Reproduction SB12 Portaflex cabinet, 70's style. For 1968-1980 SB12.


  • All birch plywood construction
  • 1x12 cab with removable lid
  • Heavy duty black strap handle and 70's style hardware.
  • 4 pin speaker jack
  • "As close as possible" black tolex. and 70's style blue silver cloth.

Choose your speaker from the menu below.

We recommend using either the Eminence Beta 12A or Jensen C12N if you want to get a similar vibe to the original speakers. Otherwise feel free to choose any of the other speakers from our site as a separate add on.

Please note the following are sold separately: shockmounts, chassis tray, logo,caster cart. Choose speaker and any add-ons from menus below.

We can customize any cabinet so give us a call for a quote. Will work with b12, b15 and b18 heads. Highest quality construction. Made to order. If not in stock please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Restoration vs.Reproduction

When deciding on whether to buy an original cabinet, restore your original cabinet or purchasing a reproduction cabinet, here some things we've found in our 14 years of cabinet construction and refurbishment that you should consider:

  • The labor to properly and accurately restore an originalcabinet will most likely exceed the cost of a fresh new cabinet, usually by 10.00 or more. Even when an originally cab appear in decent shape we've foundthere is more issues under the skin. If you are a do-it -yourselfer then labor on a restore makes some sense.
  • Although we take great pains to restore the cabinet to its original shape there is no fix for aged plywood and the grade of plywood originally used. This can continue to cause internal noise and resonant buzzing even though all visible imperfections have been corrected. Also, the plywood has a tendency to delaminate internally due to moisture over 40-50 years of life.
  • A new cabinet will have the best chance to be tight, reliable and noise free .

Our conclusions and recommendations:

If you are a player with an original cabinet, especially a Portaflex cabinet, we recommend you store your old cabinet and go with a new cabinet for better and more consistent performance on the road and in the studio.

The main reasons to restore an old cabinet are for historical and sentimental reasons, which is why we will always continue to offer this service. and advice on how to do it yourself. Attention Inernational Customers: We find that large items like speaker cabinets ship best via Schenker freight It is the most reliable and cost effective method. Just contact us for a shipping quote.

Starting price is for unloaded (no speaker) cabinet.


$ 595.00

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