Ampeg V4/VT22/V4B Complete Power Supply Rebuild Kit

Complete power supply rebuild kit for your Ampeg V4,VT22 and V4B amplifiers without distortion control.

Kit includes:

  • V4/VT22/V4B Power Transformer ( dual 120v/240v operation)
  • 2pc. 100x40/450vElectrolytic Filter Capacitors or 1pc. 70x40x40/450v and 1pc.70x40/450v, choose below
  • 1pc 40x40x40@525v Electrolytic Filter Capacitor
  • 2pc. 10//100v bias caps
  • 1pc. 47/500v Electrolytic Filter Capacitor
  • Cap mounts and Cap mounting bolts.
  • 4pc. 1A/1000V Diodes
  • 4pc. 1A/1400V Flyback Diodes.


Choose cap kit version below.

$ 329.00

Cap Kit Version :
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