Combo Cabinet for Vintage Ampeg Echo Twin, Reverberocket, Jet, Mercury aand More

Echo Twin Cabinet Front

Replacement cabinet for your vintage Ampeg combo amps with top facing knobs:

Reverberocket / Reverborocket: R12R, R12RA, R12RB,R12RM,R12RT

Rocket: R12

Echo Twin: ET1, ET2

Jet: J12, J12A, J12B, J12D

Other: Mercury M12, M15, Super Reverb, Guitaramp and more.


  • High quality birch plywood construction made to original spec.
  • 60's styling with blue check or 1967 black vinyl (choose below)
  • 60's style cloth or 1967 blue/silver cloth (choose below)
  • Era correct hardware.

Choose your model and speaker and style below.

Speaker selection will say E. Twin for Echo Twin speakers choices, the rest are single speakers for all other 1x12 combos. All speakers are selected for an 8 ohm  i.e 2  8ohm Jensen P12R for an Echo Twin and 1 Jensen P12R, 8ohm for a Revererocket.

There are two styles for this cabinet type: most will use the 1960's style with the blue diamond vinyl and grayish cloth.  and the 1967 with black vinyl and 70's blue silver cloth(only used that year on some Jets)

Carts (Echo Twin), Logos and covers available for sale separately on our site.

Custom cabinets are available, i.e 10" instead of 12" speaker.

Starting price is for unloaded Jet cabinet.

$ 465.00

Amp Model :
Style :
Speaker Selection :
Quantity :

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