Ampeg B18N and "X" Seires Amps Power Supply Rebuild Kit

Power supply rebuild kit for Ampeg  B18N, B18X, B12XT, B12X, B15XT, "xY" Amps. Does your vintage amp have a blown or non stock power transformer? This kit will bring it back to stock.

Kit Includes:

  • 1pc. PT112XA Potted power transformer. 115v-120v USA or 230v-240v (add 12.50) power transformer
  • capacitor kit:1pc 40x3/525v, 1pc 33/600v, cap mount ring, cap mount bolts, 1pc. 10uf/100v bias supply cap.
  • 1pc. JJ 5AR4 or 4pc 1A 1000v Diodes.  (choose below)
  • 1k/10w power resistor.

For 230v operation select 115v/230v from the menu below. All transformers made in USA.

Rectifier Choice:

5AR4: Used on most amp models

Solid State Rectifier:  These will be four internal diodes.  No tube socket.

Please contact us if you need more info to decide or have an oddball amp.

Starting price is for kit with  USA power transformer and  5AR4 rectifier tube.



$ 369.00

Operating Voltage :
Rectifier Type :
Quantity :

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