400v Film Capacitor, Panasonic , NEW!

400v Film Capacitor
1 to 9$ 0.50
10 to 19$ 0.46
20+$ 0.42

400v film capacitors.

Chosoe your value from the drop down menu below.

These caps have gotten some good reveiews from  trusted repair guys so we've decided to carry them.

They work best in pramp circuitry were the voltages are 350v or less.

NOTE: Take into account voltages can be  hihger these days than the originals printed on the schamtics due to higher wall voltage.

We've found them most useful in the late 60's and 70's tube amps as they can fit in tight spaces on the PC baord unlike the 630v tubbular caps.

Cap Value in Microfarads :
Quantity :

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