Dual Footswitch, Grey, for Vintage Ampegs amd Others, 1960', Transistional

Vintage Generic Ampeg Style 2 Button Footswitch

This is a vintage pedal in excellent shape.   Judging by the smaller foot switches in this, similar to the first metal pedals Ampeg used in the very early 60's , we believe this was a transitional pedal to the more common plastic pedal with the larger foot switches. It was also  possibly made for one of the other brands like Noble that Ampeg had made amps for. It is the same  as the early to mid 60's Ampeg switch but is missing the "Ampeg" logo on it.

Most likely this would have been used with the "XY" and "X" series amps.

Used but tested original Ampeg  foot switch box and good to go. For turning on and off your tremolo (vibrato) and reverb (echo).  Can be used with  many other  amps, Gemini I, Gemini II, Reverberocket, GV22/GV15, AC12, GU12 and more. Comes with 1/4' plug attached but can be removed as some were hardwired.





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