Output transformer OT151A Substiture


Substitute transformer for the OT151A  transformer.

Temporary stock, only 3 left.

Uess the same mounting holes.

While these trnasformer are not abolutely identical to the Ot151A they are close enough to be used as a good  sub.

They do not have the two extra paralel ouput leads.

Leads come out of both sides of transormer.

Comes iwth extra green and black speaker leads

Made in North America

What if I need the two sets of Output leads?

Since the original leads were just wired in paralel you can do the follwinng two things.

1. Simple cut teh wire leads 4" from the transformer and the spice the two pieces together, solder and insulate to careate  the two extra leads..



One of the black ouput wires on your original OT151A  is usually connected to a ground point on the components board.

Just connedt the new  transfomrer black wire to that ground point and run the black lead proviced from that same ground point  down to your (-) of your speaker.

One of the green wires on your original OT151A would usually go to the feedback circuit..

Take thre green wire from the new transformer and connect to the correct point of the feedback circuit.

Take the greeen lead provided and connect it to that same point  and run it down to the (+) or your speaker.


$ 55.00

Quantity :

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