Ampeg VT40 / V2 Amplifier Head with Distortion Control



Vintage Ampeg VT40 wwith distortion control amp chassis in Fliptops head box.

Mostly working but need a little TLC. 

The V2 and VT40 are the same amplifier.  The VT40 is the amp loaded in a 4x10  cab and The v2 is the head version.

Circa 1976-?  Tested and working with the excetion of some noise in the reverb circuit.

Pots were cleaned an lubricated.

Comes with two button metal footswitch.

All old stock Mangavox tubes except a Sylvania 6CG7.

Nice tone.

Has been modified to accept the more modern IEC power cord.  Power cord included, foot switch not included.

Mehancial tank locking mechanism is gone (a nic  feature but not neede anyway)

Has had  it's filter  cpacitors replaced sometime in the recent past, ( we did not  instll these, it came to us like this)    A few other compnents have been changed out as well.

Stll need a little TLC ie the reverb circuti is a bit noisy and the foot switch jack seem intermittent.  Reverb tank is  working. We suspect the reverb noise issue has to do with wire placment or lacing, possibly the connection point to the foot switch jack but not sure. 

Sale includes a 10% , one time use coupon code to help with any parts, covers etc.. you might need or want.

Good value as head box and back panel alone would cost 299.00!

This amp is considered as not refurbished so sold "as is", as described.   We will only warranty the filter capactors and reverb tank for 30 days on this unit. Ask all questions before buying.

Contact: [email protected]


$ 450.00

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