Vintage Ampeg B12X Portaflex Cabinet, Early 1961-62?


Rare early Random Navy Flair vinyl version of the B12X Portaflex cabinet with octal spekaer connector.

Can handle anyk "X" series chassis: B12X,B15X, B18X,  B12Y, B12XT

No speaker but we can add one for you. 

This cbinet either was converted or factory modded to be a extension speaker cabinet.  See all the indulation on thei inside of the cabinet

The holes for the shockmmounts are there under the insulation so It can still mount a chassis.

An exgra 1/4" jack  is just next to the original octal plug speaker receptor.  They apear to be wired in parallel.

There is the little space for the echo satelllite seaker to sit.

It also has it's original foot switch holder on the inside bottom.

Takes one 12" speaker, no horn.  Bafflle has a vertical port on the left side.

If you have an X series chassis you want to moutn to it you will need buy shock mounts (which we can install) and a chassis tray (we can mek one if you don't have yours). We can also make a cart for it. Comes iwth black viny cover.

$ 1,500.00

Quantity :

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