When we refurbish an amp we take the approach of leaving as much of the original amp and cabintet intact while still maintaining  proper perfonance. 

That includes the original vinyl, and grill cloth.   Any marks, scratches etc.  are just telling the amp's life story.

We will regule tears where possible and in the worst case, patch the affected area.

Electonically we will always replace the filter caps and make sure it has a proper 3 prong modern power cord.

The amp will come with a tested, proper working set of tubes.

We will replace any ot ther other electonic componenets that are not working properly such, as capacitors, reistors even transformers if needed.

Also note, we try very hard to eliminate any buzzes, rattles etc.. from these old amps but know that due to the age of the plywood, you may still get a few noises here and there.  If this will bother you, best bete is too go with a new cabinet.

All refurbished amps have  a 30 day part and labor warantee.

Amps listed as "Coming Soon" may take betweentwo weeks and 2 months before they are ready to ship.

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