Vintage Ampeg Reverberocket R12R, 1961, Non Refurbished


One of the early versions of the Reverberocket R12R in the Random Navy Flair vinyl.  Circa 1961

Amp had been sent ut to reputable repair peron quite a few years ago and it worked for a while but then developed a hum.

Here is what has been done:

New filter capacitors, power cord, handle and some new tubes.

Various other caps resistors were probably changed as well.

Reverb and tremelo were also working though one of the reverb cable ens is now missing and needs to be replaced.  

Speaker tests good and is a vintage alnco type.

The foot switch looks funky in the photo but is actually a shiny chrome. We believe it  is era correct.

There was a jack added onto the back panel that has long since been disconnected and the plate can be easily removed.

See pics for physical condition.  Obviously it is dusty form being in storage.

Vinyl is pretty much all there but is separating  from the cabinet so some careful re-gluing will be necessary.

We'd like to hang on to this particular amp but if made the right offer we may let it go.

Will need the right person with technical experience and some patience to get it where it needs to be.




$ 775.00

Quantity :

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