Carts for Vintage Guild Amplifiers and Cabinets, Thunderbass and others


Ever wonder what the hole was for on the side or bottom of your vintage Guild cabinet?

If it looks like the one in our picture, the cab had at one time a caster cart that would mount using this hole.

Same idea as Ampeg but the locking mechanism for the cart was propietary to Guild and is not available.

We hav a work around for that using the Ampeg hardware so you can attach a cart to your vintage  Guild cabinet.

By installing a t-nut inside the cabinet directly behind the Guild hole, you will have a perfect place to attach your cart using the cart knob assembly on the Ampeg carts.  It will not be seen on the outside so the cab will maintain it's original look.  Cart mount is included.


Carts  come with the same style of black vinyl used by Guild on their mid 60's - early70's cabs.

Cart will have two rigid and two  swivel casters as the original Guild cart had or you can upgrade to all swivel.

Cart is roughly 19.5" x 11" but custom sizes are available upon request so we can fit most any amp.

$ 105.00

Casters/Wheels :
Quantity :

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