Vintage Ampeg GS15R / Gemini VI Chassis

Ampeg GS15R Gemini VI Chassis

Vintage Ampeg Gemini VI GS15R chassis. Non functional, great opportunity for a restoration project.


Both power and output transformers were disconected from the circuit for testeing.

Power transformer (PT113A) is blown.

We tested the  Output  (OT215)  and it shows no dead shorts between primary and scondary and DC resistance values on the primary and soncary leads match our original Ampeg spec sheets amd repordcution OT215 so it should be OK.

Needs power supply rebuild but preamp looks to be mostly intact.   Large filter capacitor and bias cap are newer and test OK but cannot guarantee them. No tubes  included.  No standby switch.

Sold  "as Is" as shown.  We've done our best to decribe the condition.   Sorry we cannot give a  guarntee on any of the parts including the OT.

We price these chassis based on what we could get for it if we parted it out.  We don't like to do that and would like to see them back and running.

You will get a 10% one time coupon code  for any parts you may need.

We can make you a head box or full combo cabinet for this chassis as well.

$ 225.00

Quantity :

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