Vintage Ampeg B15N Amplifier on Fliptops Reproduction Cabinet

Vintage Ampeg B15N  Amp Front View


A fully serviced mid 60's Ampeg B15N head combined with a new Fliptops  reproduction era appropriated single baffle cabinet.

Comes withh newer cart and cover.

New shcok mounts and chassi tray.

While you can't completely eliminate the chance of buzzes and ratlles due to the original cabinet design, this new cab cuts down tremendously on those issues.  For more detailed info on our reproduction cabinet see the link at the bottom of page.  We also have taken the time to try and further prevent any vibrational noise from the chassis by using a dampening material at key points inside the chassis, see pic. This material can be removed and is not permanently affixed.

Features the tilt back leg system and our recommended Eminence Beta 15A speaker.

We give this combo two thumbs up, sounds great, tight and fresh.

Date code: 066148  1967.

What's been done:

  • New  Output Transformer
  • New power supply filter capacitors
  • 3 prong AC power cord
  • New era appropriate knob set
  • Tubes checked and replaced where needed

Current tube compliment:

Matched pair of Sovtek 5881WXt (6L6wGC)

2pc. 6SL7 JJ

1PC. 6SL7  NOS Tungsol

1PC. 5AR4 Sovtek


Youtube demo videos:


30 Day Warranty on parts and labor.

You must notify us of any problems.withing 30 days or receiving your amp .

If it is determined that a replacement part will not solve the issue, and that  the amp does need servicing, the amp has to be returned to us for that servicing.

The customer is responsible for the proper packing and return of the unit.


For more specific question on this unit or  the warranty , please contact us.


$ 2,399.00

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